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bracketTelerain Inc and Horizon Gateway have established direct connect in Telerain Inc United States Datacenter to provide their customers a better Voice services. “Connecting Horizon with the same platform that hosts software application and voice […] Read More

Increase in Data Penetration
Increase in Staff Retention
Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Everything you need in a single solution.

A Complete Multi-Channel Contact Centre Solution

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Telerain makes a difference

Telerain is a VoIP phone service created especially for organizations that are looking for a professional business VoIP solution. It’s aimed at increasing your business efficiency and taking your business to new heights.

Why Move To The Cloud?

  • Fully integrated, available on-demand and no need for hardware

  • Simple, powerful and flexible. Extend to multiple locations worldwide

  • Add functionality, boost capacity and change processes precisely when you need to

  • Your server will be in a purpose-built data centre with physical access restrictions, a firewall, access logs, SSL encryption on the web interface and IP address tracking

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